Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Last updated: November 22,2023

By using or accessing Puntasantiagovacation.com of any such websites, any mobile application for such website operated by us on which these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge and agree that you are subject to the following terms and conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy, which also governs your use of the Site, and is incorporated by reference (These Terms and Conditions with the Privacy Policy shall be referred to as the “Terms“).

Please read these Terms carefully, as they contain important information about limitations of liability and resolution of disputes through arbitration rather than court.

A user’s reservation of https:Punta Santiago Vacation website is bound by the terms and conditions on Punta Santiago Vacation Website where the reservation is finalized. If you do not fully agree to these Terms and any other terms and conditions posted on the Punta Santiago Vacation Website you are not authorized to access or otherwise use this website. Under these Terms, “use“ or “access“ of the website, specifically includes any direct or indirect access or use of the website or any cached version of the Website and any direct or indirect access or use of any information or content on the Website Site, regardless of how obtained and the term “Website“ includes, without limitation, any cached version thereof.

Punta Santiago Vacation Website is operated by PuntaSantiagoVacation.com Website, Inc. Powered by EKG CORP.). Unless otherwise specified, the entity controlling the Site you are accessing is referred to herein as Punta Santiago Vacation.
The Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and Punta Santiago Vacation, You are not authorized to use this Site unless you are at least 18 years of age and able to enter into legally binding contracts. We do not knowingly collect the information of anyone under the age of 18. If you entered The Website after being re-directed or otherwise clicking on another website or Social Media page or where the website is being advertised, you agree that these Terms shall govern your use of this Site.
The website is Not a Party to any Rental Agreement or other Transaction Between Users of the Site.

We urge all users to be responsible about their use of this website and any transaction entered into as a result of either listing posted on our website. The website provides an on-line booking for rent in a variety of pricing formats, a specific vacation or short term rental. We also may offer online booking or other tools or services to allow users to communicate with each other and enter into rental agreements or other transactions.

We are not a party to any rental or other agreement between users. This is true even if the Site allows you to book a rental or provides other ancillary products or services, as the Site may facilitate booking a rental or other tools, services or products, but we are not a party to any rental or other agreement between users. As a result, any part of an actual or potential transaction between a traveler and any excursion or other services, including the quality, condition, safety or legality of the services advertised, the truth or accuracy of the listings (including the content thereof or any review relating to any traveler or property), the ability of guest to rent a vacation property or the ability of travelers to contract the property host or co host are solely the responsibility of each user. You acknowledge and agree that you may be required to enter into one or more separate agreements, waivers or terms and conditions before making a booking or purchasing a product or service Punta Santiago Vacation may place additional restrictions on your booking, product or service.

Users agree that they are responsible for, and agree to abide by, all laws, rules and regulations applicable to their use of the Site, their use of any tool, service or product offered on the Website and any transaction they enter into on the Website or in connection with their use of the Website.

Punta Santiago Vacation further agree that they are responsible for and agree to abide by all laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations applicable to the listing of their rental property and the conduct of their rental business, including but not limited to any and all laws, rules, ordinances, regulations or other requirements relating to taxes, credit cards, data and privacy, permits or license requirements, zoning ordinances, safety compliance and compliance with all anti-discrimination and fair housing laws, as applicable.

Punta Santiago Vacation Website who accept credit card, banking or other payment information from travelers agree to properly handle and safeguard all such information in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and best practices.

Although most travel is completed without a serious incident, travel to some destinations may involve more risk than others. We urge travelers to research the location they wish to visit and to review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by the United States Government before booking. Information may be found at www.state.gov, www.tsa.gov, www.dot.gov, www.faa.gov, www.cdc.gov, www.treas.gov/ofac www.customs.gov and any weather channel in Puerto Rico

While we do take certain measures with a goal to assist and avoid potentially fraudulent or other illegal activity of which we become aware, we assume no liability or obligation to take any such measures or actions. When we provide warnings or messages to users about any such activity, we do not warrant that such messages are accurate or that such messages will reach any or all users they should have reached in a timely manner or at all or that such messages or measures will prevent any harm or otherwise have any impact.

Your E-mail Address and Data
When you provide your e-mail address, name or other information to us in connection with your use or access to the Website, you agree to allow the Website to add your e-mail address, name or other information provided to our database. Your use of the Website signifies your acknowledgment of, and agreement with, our policy We adhere to strong principles of privacy. You agree that we may access and use your user-contributed content in accordance with these Terms or our Privacy Policy and we agree that we will only disclose your user-contributed content in accordance with these Terms and our Privacy Policy.
Identity Verification.
Further, we may, without notice to you, suspend or cancel your listing at any time even without receiving notice from you if we suspect, in our sole discretion, that you’re booking with us or your email is being used in an unauthorized or fraudulent manner.

We welcome your feedback regarding any areas of our property. If you want to send us your feedback, we simply request that you text to us using our phone numbers the owner dashboard. Please provide only specific feedback on our property 1 or 2, or both and services. Keep in mind that we assume no obligation to keep any feedback you provide confidential and we reserve the right to use or disclose such information in any manner.

Payment Method Requirements; Bank and Credit Card Fees.
No employee may request any traveler to mail cash, or utilize any instant-cash wire transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram in payment for all or part of a property rental transaction. Any violation of this term or any other unacceptable payment methods that may be posted on the Site may result in the immediate termination of reservation without notice to the traveler and without refund. From time to time, we may become aware of users attempting to conduct a transaction that would involve an unauthorized payment method or a fraudulent payment method. Ideally, we hope to be able to assist travelers in avoiding such transactions, but we assume no liability or responsibility to do so or to inform travelers of any such actual or suspected activity.
Travelers’ bank or credit card companies may impose certain fees or charges, including, but not limited to, foreign transaction fees, related to any rental of a property. It is the user’s obligation to review any agreement with its bank or credit card Company concerning any such fees.
Pool use and Responsiblity
We have no one at the pool to watch over the children and there will never be any lifeguards, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are in the pool with full supervision. Children under 15 years old should be supervised when around the surroundings of pool area and while swimming.

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